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Visit many of these beautiful and scenic destinations around us during your stay. Vineyards, golf courses, shopping, Lassen Peak, Burney Falls and the Sun Dial bridge are all within short driving distance. Mt Gate RV Park’s location gives you safe and secure access to tall of the great outdoors and city events.

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Great Outdoors

Lake Shasta

Lake Shasta

With 370 miles of shoreline and 29,500 surface acres, the lake is ideal for a range of water recreation, including fishing for all kinds of bass and trout, water skiing and boating. Shasta lake has several resorts, open year-round, offering an array of boat and watercraft rentals. Visit for more info.

Mt Shasta


Mt. Shasta is the crown jewel of the north state. This monolith can be seen towering above Redding and the surrounding areas. Mt Gate RV Park is the perfect base camp to explore the many hiking trails at its base and avid climbers will have a great time exploring the adventurous routes the mountain provides.

Shasta Dam

Shasta Dam

At 602 feet, it is the fourth highest dam in California. A vista point high on a hill offers a spectacular view of the enormous structure and of Shasta Lake, the state’s largest man-made lake. Lectured tours are offered to the public for exploration of the interior of this massive monument.

Sundial Bridge / Turtle Bay

Sundial BridgeDesigned by world renown Spanish architect and engineer Santiago  Calatrava, the sundial bridge is a “must see” attraction in Redding California.  Beautifully illuminated at night and working as a real sundial during the day.  This rates as one of the modern wonders of Redding.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Mount Lassen

This stunning park offers numerous hiking trails that lead to several geysers, hot springs and lakes.

Lake Shasta Caverns

Shasta Caverns

The guided tour includes a boat ride across the lake that delivers you to one of the most amazing caverns in the western United States.

WhiskeyTown Lake

Whiskeytown Lake

This beautiful alpine lake sits in the hills next to the city of Redding. An excellent lake for boating, ishing and swimming with several sandy beaches and numerous marked hiking trails.

Burney Falls

Burney Falls

One of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. A foot path leads to the lush base of the 129 foot falls for a spectacular up-close view.

Castle Crags

Castle Crags

Castle Crags State Park is located in the forest covered mountains north of the Sacramento Valley. It features soaring spires of ancient granite and two miles of the cool, quick running upper Sacramento River. The park elevations range from 2,000 feet along the river to more than 6,000 feet at the top of the Crags.

Wine and Beer


Local Wineries

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Golf Locations


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Forget your socks? Need a last minute gift? Just realized you left your backpack and fishing pole at home before you left for Mt Gate RV Park? No problem! Redding has a store for you and yours. From outfitting, souvenirs, trinkets, books and clothes, you can find anything you could possibly need or want, right here.

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From fine dinning to the quick burger joint, Redding and the surrounding areas provide you with a full spread of local flavor to curb any appetite.

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If you are the type of fisherman who enjoys a fight or just relaxing, the area around Mt Gate RV Park has you covered. Lake Shasta and the rivers in the area offer Bass, Trout and Salmon fishing.

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